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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Indian Fashion Pt. 2

Monday, April 22, 2013

51 Ways To Save Money

51 Ways To Save Money

Around The Home

Wash In Cold Water
Washing in warm water can shrink or damage clothes and washing in cold will save you money on every wash.

Stop Using Your Clothes Dryer
This is one power-sink! Air-dry your clothes instead and save money on electricity.

No Heating
Turn your heating off in winter. Rug up with extra layers or blankets instead.


Turn Off Lights
If you are not in a room the light should be off. So much power, and money, is wasted this way.

No Standby
Turn off your appliances at the wall. Standby power is costing you money.

Lose You Home Phone
Do you really need a home phone any more? If you really want one, change it to a VOIP service and bundle this with your internet (call your ISP for more information).

Use Skype
Use Skype to make free phone calls online. All you need is a friend who has Skype too.


Cash Out
Get money out when making a purchase. This will save you on ATM fees.

Hit Credit
Press the credit button when making purchases when using your Visa debit card.

Foreign ATMs
Stop using other bank’s ATMs. Either get cash out or know where your financial institution’s ATMs are.


Think about using hand-me-downs or secondhand clothes, toys and other stuff for your kids. They don’t care as much as you do.

Toy Library
Find one close to you and let them borrow instead of buying toys.

Online Games
Find some free online games for kids (and you!) instead of buying them.

Do Without

Cut Cable TV
Do you really need cable TV? It’s a huge bill each month and with all the freeview digital channels and online options now available you may find that you can do without it.

Eat Less Meat
Meat is one of the most expensive items in your shopping trolley. Cut down on your meat consumption and you will find that your grocery bill will reduce as well.

Quit the Gym 
Gyms can keep you fit but so can jogging, walking, playing a sport or any other free ways to exercise. Stop paying gym fees, especially if you are not getting the most out of it.

Stop Junk Mail
If you don’t see what there is out there you won’t be tempted to buy it. While some say that junk mail helps them save money, I believe that it increases your appetite for purchasing.

One Car Policy
Have only one car unless absolutely necessary. You will save in so many ways: price of the car, petrol, insurance, maintenance, registration, and the list goes on.

Cancel Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions
Get your news and information online instead.

New Clothes (All The Time)
Don’t follow fashions and trends. Create your own style and you won’t have to buy new clothes all of the time. Also, try markets, vintage stores and clothes swap-meets for cheaper options. Also, look after the clothes you have and they will last longer.

Cut The Coffee
Either give up or stop buying that morning coffee. At $3.50 a pop you would do better to make one at home.


Learn More About Personal Finance
Learning is never a bad thing and the more you know about yourself and your finances, the better.

Learn To Cook
Get cooking! It’s really not that hard. And many healthy and inexpensive meals can be made in 30 minutes or less.

Read More
Go to your local library and borrow some books. Start getting into the habit of reading more.

Online Studies
Have a look at online courses you can do. These can be less expensive and learning is always an investment. Even better, look for some free how-tos or tutorials online as well.


Brown Bag It
Take your lunch to work. This will save you thousands every year!

No Soft Drinks
Just drink water. It’s free and good for you. No bottled water either!

Buy Generic
Buy generic or store brands over name brands. This cannot be done with everything but you will be amazed at how much can be saved when you buy generic instead.

Grow Your Own Food
Start a vegie garden! It is easy to start small and make it bigger over time. Even growing some herbs will have you saving money and eating better.

Bake Your Own Bread
You don’t even need a bread-maker. Find a simple recipe online and get baking!

Make More
Make a little extra when cooking and have this as leftovers for lunch the next day.

Avoid Vending Machines
These are expensive and full of food that is no good for you. Keep away!

Money & Debt

Pay Bills Immediately
Use the Foolproof Bill Payment System to make sure you have enough money to cover bills when they come in.

Avoid Bad Debt
Avoid having credit card or personal loan debt. Mortgage debt is okay but limit this to the very minimum and only borrow what you can afford to repay.

Make A Call
Simply calling your bank, electricity company or anyone else you pay money to can save you plenty. Simply ask for a better deal or tell them you are looking at switching to another provider.

If you don’t have one already, create a budget and stick to it!

Consolidate Debt
If you do have a few sources of debt then try and consolidate them to save on interest payments.


Start to Live More Frugally
Start thinking about how you live and what you really need as opposed to what you really want. Over-consumption is not good for you or the planet.

Do It Yourself
Learn how to do something and try it yourself first before paying someone else to do it or buying something.

Look For Cheaper Alternatives
Like going to the movies? Look around for cheaper options: find a cheaper cinema, borrow DVDs from your local library, a friend or a video store instead. Use your creativity to see what you can do that’s cheaper or completely free.

Quit Smoking
If you smoke you are not only killing yourself (and possibly others around you) but you are killing your chance at saving money. Give up and start saving that money instead.

Lower Your Alcohol Intake
When you go out alcoholic drinks are expensive. Choose not to drink or drink less instead.

Stay Healthy
Eat more healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, exercise regularly, and go for regular check-ups at your doctor and dentist. This will save you immediately and in the future.

Don’t Go To The Shops Unless Necessary
Don’t go to the shops just to hang out – you will end up spending money. Go to the park or museum instead. Or just stay at home. Go to the shops only when you have something to buy.

Leave The Car At Home
Ride a bike, walk or catch public transport when going somewhere.

Move Home Or Work
Move so you are close to work, or work closer to home. This will save on commuting costs.

Frugal Friends
Find frugal friends and stay away from those who spend lavishly. Hanging around the latter can lead to a lot of unnecessary desires.


Control Impulse Spending
When you go into a store just get what you went in for and nothing else. Also, try making a “wish list” when you think about something you want to buy – and then wait 3 days before buying it. I bet more often then not you will not want it after the 3 days are up.

Buy Quality
Don’t buy poor quality items just because they are cheap. Look at spending a little more for a well-made product and you will save money over time. Think quality over quantity.

Research Your Purchases
Read labels, look online for specials, look for consumer reviews – do what you can to find out more.

Buy In Bulk
Buy non-perishables in bulk and save over time. Also, look for specials on non-perishables when in the supermarket.

Buy Generic Medicines
Buy generic brand headache tablets and other over-the-counter drugs – they have the same ingredients in them and cost less.

The Way To Make This Work

All of this effort and restraint will mean nothing if you do not put the money aside. Set up an automatic savings transfer from your everyday account to an online savings account. Make this come out the same day you get paid and you will never miss it.

Start with a small amount and increase it as you start saving more, and before you know it you will have a nice little nest egg.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The 50 Best Sex Tips

The 50 Best Sex Tips

1. Sex isn't a Race
Sex isn't a race, so take time to explore her. Focus on her thighs and lower belly. Make a mental circle 2 inches around the outside of her vagina and don't cross the line while you kiss, lick, and caress.

2. Give Her Plenty of Time
If you want morning sex, set your alarm at least 20 minutes early. A woman won't want sex if she's hurried, and she'll probably need about 20 minutes to reach orgasm.

3. Grunts are Better Than Nothing
She'll give longer and more enthusiastic oral sex if you give her a verbal response. Even appreciative grunts are better than silence.

4. Vary the Stimulation
When you're all the way inside her, add side-to-side movement or up-and-down pelvic pressure against her clitoris to vary the stimulation.

5. Make a Fantasy Lottery
Both you and your lady write five sexual fantasies down on five separate notebook cards. Then head to a restaurant where you can get a booth and some privacy in a public setting. Over dinner and wine, pull out the cards and make three piles—"yes," "maybe someday," and "not on your life." Put the possibles in a shoe box, and once a month pull out a winner.

6. Mimic Her Style
Ask her to kiss your earlobe with the same pressure she prefers during oral, then cop her style next time you're south of the border.

7. Exercise Together
Work out together. Think of it as fat-burning foreplay. It will raise her dopamine levels, easing her anxieties. Bonus: Your post-run sweat has androstadienone, a testosterone derivative that spikes her arousal when she smells it.

8. Ignore Bombshells
Remain calm when a decked-out bombshell strolls by and you'll be sending the message that you're too smart to be wowed by a Wonderbra and red lipstick.

9. Give Her the Perfect Compliment
The best compliments are the ones that involve multiple senses. "You have beautiful breasts" is nice. "You have beautiful breasts—they feel so soft and warm in my hands" is that much more intimate.

10. Don't Give in to Temptation
If a woman who knows you're spoken for comes on to you, it's flattering. It's tempting. But remember that she's doing it to feed her own ego, not yours. She wants to see how much power she holds over you. And if you take her bait, she then knows she must be superior in every way to your sweetie. Deep down, she has nothing but contempt for both your male weakness and your mate's existence. That should really piss you off.

11. Find Her G-Spot
Use your thumb to press on her G-spot, as if you were making a thumbprint on her vaginal wall. You're shooting for the area about 2 inches inside the vaginal opening, on the front side.

12. Use Your Tongue Wisely
When kissing, don't use your tongue like a dart (in and out, in and out). Instead, try varying motions and amounts of pressure.

13. Doggy-Style the Right Way
Doggy-style tip: For over-the-top stimulation of her most nerve-packed parts, keep thrusting short and shallow, rather than deep and fast.

14. Tell Her What She Wants to Hear
Words she loves to hear: "I want to make you feel good."

15. Hang Out with Your Married Pals
Looking for The One? Don't abandon your spoken-for friends. A guy with a wife or live-in girlfriend has an expanded social circle—meaning he knows more women (that he could potentially introduce you to) than he did when he was single.

16. Keep Contact Indirect
The nerve-packed clitoris actually extends several inches under the skin on either side of her vagina (like a wishbone), which means you can massage it without direct pressure to the bud. Trace the extensions with flat, wide, extra-wet tongue strokes or slow finger zigzags. (Don't forget lube.) Then rub a slow spiral around the top, drawing closer with each pass. The combo of anticipation and indirect contact will bring her pleasure centers to life.

17. Send Her a Letter
Write her a letter—one that does not involve a laser printer or an e-mail address. Write what you feel, but the ruling sentiment should be one of gratitude and confidence in your future together. Then mail it to her.

18. Give Her a V
To increase clitoral contact when she's on top, make a V with two fingers, and place it so the point of the V (just between the two knuckles) is directly over her clitoris. Your fingers should come down on either side of your penis as she rides you. This will stimulate the clitoris, inner labia, and urethra—as well as add intensity for you.

19. Call Her within 48 Hours
A beautiful woman gave you her number; use it within 48 hours. Otherwise, you'll look scared—or stupid for resorting to high-school mind games.

20. Leave a Confident Voicemail
If you get her voicemail, leave a message. To convey confidence, your voice should be deep and moderately loud. Stand up and hum a little before you call—it will bring your voice to the ideal pitch.

21. Don't Go South During Foreplay
During foreplay, agree that the genitals are off-limits. Touch the other parts of her body, using fingers, a feather, a silk scarf, or anything that turns her on, and ask her to describe how it feels. This builds the tension until you're both ready to explode.

22. Ease into Dirty Talk
Want to know if she likes to talk dirty? Tell her, "You make me think dirty thoughts." Ease in slowly. It's best to test the waters a bit, rather than immediately go for your deepest, kinkiest dirty talk right off the bat.

23. Flatter Her 5 Times a Day
Compliment her at least 5 times a day. It'll make her feel special, appreciated, and closer to you. And the more connected she feels, the more sexually inspired she'll feel.

24. Shop for Cologne She Likes
If you don't have a cologne that she likes, shop for one with her. It's a form of foreplay.

25. Hold Her Hand
Holding hands can work as an aphrodisiac. It shows her you're devoted and proud to tell the world.

26. Assume a New Position
Assume the Cuban Plunge sex position: As you assume the man-on-top position, ask her to bring her knees to her chest and drape her legs over your shoulders. Her vagina will be elongated and extended, and your penetration will be deeper and more pleasurable for her, which qualifies as a win-win situation.

27. Praise Her
Compliment her in front of your friends.

28. Just Kiss
The next time you kiss her, don't try to steal second. Just kiss. Men use kissing primarily as a means to an end—to advance sexual relations. Yet women mainly use kissing as a way to monitor the status of the relationship, and especially a partner's commitment level.

29. Keep the Lights Low
One of the biggest reasons women can't relax during sex is body image. Keep the lights low. A candle? Perfect.

30. Show Her Passion
"Passion" means being in the moment and not being distracted. Sex is a conversation, and she doesn't want to feel like you wish you had your BlackBerry.

31. Whisper Fantasies in Public
Lie on a blanket in a park, with people all around, and whisper fantasies to one another, sparing no detail. You'll create sexual tension—but with safety, as there's no possibility of sex then and there.

32. Create Anticipation
Use anticipation as an aphrodisiac. Instead of tearing her clothes off, take your time. Tell her what you want to do with each section of exposed skin.

33. Tell Her to Go Slow
Words she loves to hear: "It's OK to go slow." Say it and mean it.

34. Sit at a 90-Degree Angle
On a dinner date, always position yourself at a 90-degree angle to her rather than straight on. If she sits at the end of the table, sit in the first seat to her left. Turn toward her from the waist, which will give her the opportunity to turn toward you.

35. Don't Agree to Disagree
When you and your girlfriend disagree, never agree to disagree. Agreeing to disagree shuts down the communication process and resolves nothing. And the less comfortable she feels communicating, the less confident she'll feel about the relationship.

36. Ask Her for a Kissing Lesson
Ask her to demonstrate what she considers a sexy kiss. Then let her do all the work. It's educational...and fun.

37. Mix Things Up in Bed
Don't be afraid to mix things up in bed. Sexual novelty re-creates those early-relationship, take-me-now hormones.

38. Fund a Sexy Shopping Spree
Fund an erotic shopping spree. Write out a gift certificate with an expiration date that coincides with your evening at a hotel. If she prefers to shop alone, let her—either way, you'll find out what interests her.

39. Start Volunteering
Join a volunteer group. Selflessness is sexy—and research has shown that women consider altruism more important than men do. To show your selfless stuff, join a Meetup volunteer group (

40. Start Sex in a New Place
Start sex outside the bedroom. The same old place leads to the same old patterns. So explore some new erogenous areas: The kitchen. The bathroom. Quebec City. Your bodies will be in new places, making it unlikely that you'll follow old routines.

41. Offer Her Chocolate
Feed her chocolate: It'll load her up with phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter that activates the brain's pleasure center, and caffeine, which can jolt her sex drive.

42. Ride in an Overnight Train
Take an overnight train with your girlfriend or wife. There's the excitement of traveling in a novel way. And there's your sleeping compartment. It's a new place—and it moves, which adds a new dynamic to sex. And it's somewhat public: There's the excitement when you're in flagrante delicto as the train stops, and people are outside your window.

43. Use Appliances as Vibrators
Here's a new place to have sex: on the washer. Your washing machine produces more vibration than any other appliance in the home. When your butt's on the lid, the motion is transmitted through your penis, essentially turning your member into a life-size vibrator.

44. Use Your Beanbag Chair
Another new place to have sex: in a beanbag chair. You can contour it to any shape, and it'll support you in unaccustomed ways. Doggy-style sex works great when she's on her belly, draped over the amorphous blob (that's the chair, not you).

45. Have Sex in a Forest
New Place to Have Sex III: a national park. If the missus likes to vocalize, pitch your tent in Alaska's Denali National Park, where 6 million untamed acres and a crowd-thinning permit system leave little risk of waking the neighbors. She'll gasp in delight when the midnight sun bathes the Big One (that's Mt. McKinley, buddy) in salmon pink light.

46. Stop the Elevator
New Place to Have Sex IV: the elevator. Try a freight elevator. It won't have an alarm, and you can stop it between floors for more privacy.

47. Seduce Her in Your Car
Relive the past. Take her to the garage and reclaim a space you long ago ceded: Seduce her in the backseat of the car. It feels a little public, it's steeped in testosterone, and there's a throwback, high-school quality to it.

48. Earn Your Right to Experiment
Sexual experimentation is earned, not inherited. It requires time, tact, and trust: 66 percent of the women we surveyed said they're most willing to experiment later in a relationship.

49. Give Her a Proper Warmup
Clitoral contact in particular feels abrasive without a proper warmup. If a woman yips or inhales suddenly when you go there—instead of purring or moaning—you've jumped the gun.

50.Try a New Sex Position
Try the Yab-Yum sex position: You both sit up, and she faces you, sitting on your lap with a pillow under her bottom for easier penetration. You'll have constant contact with her clitoris, but she'll control the pressure.

85 Fun Facts About Sex

85 Fun Facts About Sex

There’s one ultimate goal during sex: to be as sensually stimulated as possible. The secret to achieving that blissful state? Having lots of steamy info at your disposal. As they say, knowledge is power…and pleasure. So we found a ton of just-discovered facts—some make it easier to orgasm, others will help you please him, and the rest...well, they’ll make great convo-starters.

1 People who have sex about three times a week are perceived to look four to seven years younger.

2 Women place a higher importance on looks than men do when looking for a casual sex partner.

3 But that may not be smart. One poll found that computer nerds make the best lovers, with 82 percent of IT geeks claiming they put their partner’s pleasure above their own.

4 Sadly, only 41 percent of fitness professionals were as selfless.

5 Get it on the night before you need to bring some great ideas to the office. According to anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D., sex triggers brain chemicals that can improve creativity at work.

6 Don’t wait to feel turned on before you make a move. Most women experience arousal after the fun has already begun. 

7 Single women are more attracted to men who are taken than to those who are available.

8 Strippers earn more money when they’re ovulating. Scientists suspect it’s because of the pheromones their body releases. Do a striptease for your guy when you’re ovulating two weeks before your period—and it will likely create some serious heat.

9 An orgasm can cure your stage fright! A Scottish study found that following Sexual release, people had an easier time with public speaking.

10 Guys find your voice more attractive during that time of the month— meaning, period sex is a prime time to add some dirty talk to the mix.

11 One study found that men on the prowl are more likely to spend money on luxury items for themselves than those who aren’t searching for a mate.

12 Watch a short porn scene before hopping in bed with your guy. Research found that 58 percent of men and women who regularly use porn felt more comfortable with their sexuality and tending to their partner’s sexual needs.

13 It’s the sweet stuff that really gets females hot. A study found that women were more turned on watching a man kissing a woman than having sex with her. So try kissing him in front of a mirror.

14 A UK study found that most men prefer women with some curves to super-skinny waifs.

15 Try a little spanking during sex, and don’t worry about the sting. Oxytocin, one of the sex chemicals released when you’re getting it on, reduces pain by about half. 

16 Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which a man’s penis curves. A drug used to straighten bent fingers is now being tested to fix it. 

17 A study says intercourse lasts about 16 minutes for Europeans and just 7 minutes for Americans. Make a ring with your fingers and squeeze around the base of his shaft to make him last longer.

18 Men take more risks when they know hot women are looking.

19 Snuggle with him while watching TV at night. Couples who cuddle regularly are eight times less likely to get depressed than those who kiss only during intercourse.

20 Experts have discovered that high levels of the hormone oestradiol make women more likely to cheat. The reason? It creates bigger breasts and smaller waists. As a result, they tend to get more attention and, therefore, have more sexual opportunities.

21 Researchers found that watching porn doesn’t negatively affect a man’s views about women.

22 A poll found that those who consume the most online pornography live in the most conservative and religious states.

23 One study done on newlyweds found that couples’ negative feelings about their sex life had more of an impact on their marital satisfaction than concerns about nonsexual issues did.

24 Athletic women say their sexual performance is better...

25 ...and maybe that’s because female pro athletes have both better clitoral blood flow and higher sexual satisfaction than women who don’t exercise.

26 Furthermore, one study found that just 20 minutes of exercise before going at it will improve your sexual response.

27 Take time to really figure out your feelings—it could help you in the bedroom. See, women with high emotional intelligence experience more orgasms.

28 Almost 53 percent of women have used external stimulation. If you haven’t tried it, start with a small one that won’t overwhelm you.

29 A study of college students found that over a two-year period, both men and women had twice as many hook-ups as first dates.

30 Worldwide, only 30 percent of men are circumcised. Dating an uncut guy? Keep in mind that the tip of his penis may be more sensitive because it’s not always exposed. So you may need to use a slightly more gentle touch.

31 The average number of sexual partners for heterosexual men is seven; for heterosexual women, it’s four.

32 A woman has a better shot at climaxing during sex if the walls of her vaginal canal are stimulated. A study found that penis length doesn’t help accomplish this—girth does. Make him feel girthier by keeping your legs together during sex. It creates more friction.

33 Still, that doesn’t stop men from seeking out enhancements. A handful of new gadgets on the market claim to help men add length and possibly girth to their penis.

34 If that doesn’t work, he can try dropping a few kilos. For every 16 kilos an overweight man loses, his penis appears to grow one inch.

35 Scientists believe that some women have a more active G-spot than others. Trying various positions, like leaning back while you’re on top, may help him stimulate it if yours isn’t as active.

36 Having sex once a week can improve your immune function by 30 percent.

37 One study found that women get physically aroused by a much wider variety of erotic imagery than men do.

38 Researchers are testing Viagra on women with sexual dysfunction—72 percent of those taking it noticed improvement in their sexual response.

39 A 2010 study found that the better a woman’s genital self-image, the easier it is for her to orgasm.

40 Phew! Most couples over 65 in the US still have sex at least once a week.

41 It was discovered that wearing two inch heels may improve the strength of the pelvic muscles, which in turn helps you orgasm.

42 A study found that 84 percent of women have had sex just to ‘keep the peace’ with their partner.

43 For five minutes per day, tense and relax your PC muscles (the ones that hold in pee). It may give you better orgasms.

44 In a survey of multi-millionaires, 70 percent felt that money gave them better sex.

45 Women who masturbate regularly are more likely to experience orgasm during intercourse.

46 A foetus responds to mom getting it on: it can sense blood-pressure and heartrate changes, and it feels non-sexual excitement.

47 Lie on top of him for a bit while you’re both naked. Skin-on-skin contact floods the body with oxytocin, a hormone that makes you feel close. 

48 One in four women over 35 says she has never had sex.

49 Some lucky women can orgasm from breast stimulation alone. Find out if you can do it by asking him to spend extra time there.

50 A man’s body odour turns a woman on. So jump him before he hits the shower post-gym.

51 A global Durex survey found that Austrians engage in oral sex more than people in any other country.

52 Women are 10 times more sensitive to touch than men are. So before the action really gets going, ask him to run his fingers over your entire body.

53 Two-thirds of college students have been involved in a friends-withbenefits situation.

54 Your morning coffee may be an aphrodisiac: one study found that caffeine made rats hornier.

55 A study found that women experience more pleasure with men who make more money.

56 Thirty-six percent of people under 35 go on Facebook or Twitter or send texts after sex.

57 The ‘sexual pursuit’ part of a man’s brain is two-and-a-half times bigger than women’s.

58 Married women get it on more often than unmarried women do.

59 Experts have discovered a new pleasure centre: the anterior fornix, known as the A-spot, located on the upper wall of the vagina, near the cervix. When stimulated, it increases lubrication. The moves that arouse your G-spot will hit this area too.

60 An Archives Of Sexual Behaviour study found that after looking at sexy images, most women showed physical signs of arousal but didn’t feel that hot.

61 That glazed look a man gets when he sees breasts? His visual brain circuits are on the lookout for signs of fertility.

62 The best orgasms are the ones where all your senses are engaged. But researchers found that when you’re lying down, some senses are reduced. Try climbing on top.

63 Thirty minutes of sex burns, on average, 85 or more calories.

64 In a study conducted with British and Namibian subjects, researchers found that although each group could identify sounds of anger or fear in the other group, neither recognised the others’ moans of delight as sounds of pleasure.

65 When women orgasm, the areas of the brain associated with fear shut off.

66 The more genetically diverse a woman is, the greater her number of partners. Potential mates are attracted to those who are dissimilar, so the more variation in her DNA, the more appealing she is. 

67 Eighty-two percent of people who say they are sexually satisfied also report feeling respected by their partner during sex.

68 Experts say that regular sex can help alleviate migraines.

69 Make Sunday cleaning day and you might see your sex life spike. A paper found that couples who do more housework have more sex. 

70 Giving him a massage may get you excited, as much as him.

71 Women with greater finger sensitivity had more sex with their partner.

72 One in every four Americans is ‘too tired’ to have sex.

73 African-Americans and Hispanics have sex before going to bed more frequently than whites and Asians do.

74 Fifty-six percent of men say they wish their penis was bigger. Boost his ego when you’re down south by saying “I can’t even take all of you in.”

75 Exploring your spirituality, whether it’s by reading a spiritual book or learning to meditate, could improve your sex life.

76 Women who were sexually unsatisfied found that practicing meditation improved their arousal and gave them better orgasms.

77 Thirty-one percent of men reported having trouble getting an erection...

78 ...And 34 percent of men had trouble maintaining one.

79 While 95 percent of women consider penile - vaginal intercourse sex, only 89 percent agree if there’s no ejaculation.

80 Couples who don’t have a TV in their bedroom have 50 percent more sex. According to researchers, getting it on decreases significantly with the addition of a television.

81 A study done of 900 films over a four-year period found that sex and nudity in movies did not boost box-office success.

82 About one-half of couples find that each partner initiates sex equally as often.

83 One survey found that Spain has the best lovers...or at least that’s how their women rated them.

84 A recent study found that people with higher rates of poverty had more sex.

85 Keep your gaze locked on his. Experts say eye contact can increase sexual attraction and the sex can hit the roof!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photo Montage of High Heels Pt. 3

While there are always the continuous popularity of wearing High Heels,health concerns are still present,so check it out:


The origin of the high heel goes back many centuries in history. The first precursors of stiletto heels were discovered in a tomb of Tebas in Old Egypt, and date from 1000 BC. These heels possibly provided a high social status to those who wore them.

The idea prevailed in Old Greece, where Esquilo, the first great Greek theatrical author mounted his actors on platform shoes of differing heights to indicate each character's social status. The same idea existed in the East. The Japanese emperor Hirohito was crowned in 1926 on platform shoes with a height of 30 cm.

High heels are associated with sex. Japanese courtiers had clogs of 15 to 30 cm, Chinese concubines and Turkish odalisques had high sandals possibly to prevent them from escaping from the harem, and prostitutes of Old Rome were identified by their high heels.
The modern European fashion of the high heel comes from the Italian "chapiney" or "chopine" style: mounted shoes on a 15 to 42 cm high cylinder. Some reached 75 cm and the ladies who wore them had to lean on sticks so that they could walk.

In 1430 chopines were prohibited in Venice, but nothing could stop the trend. The invention of the high heel is attributed to Catherine of Medici in Paris, in the 16th century, who used them due to her short stature, and soon introduced them into fashion amongst the European aristocracy.

In the 17th century, the English Parliament punished as witches all women who used high heels to seduce men into marrying them. In his biography, the famous Giovanni Casanova declared his love for high heels, which raised women's hoop skirts, thus showing their legs.

In the 19th century, high heels were introduced into the USA, imported from brothels in Paris because of the success they had had amongst the clientele who preferred to hire the services of prostitutes who wore these heels.

Designer shoes didn't exist as such before the 20th century, it was more an activity within the modest shoemaker profession.

The industry of mass-production of footwear had its beginnings in the USA, where what began as a family activity of colonists from New England, ended in the appearance of the first shops in the middle of the 18th century.
The tradition of handmade shoes, like the famous designer, is to a great extent a European phenomenon, in countries such as England and Italy. Also in France, where footwear design was intimately related to dressmaking, whose Parisian industry was founded by the Englishman Charles Frederick Worth in 1858, and it was the first of prominence in the world of fashion, to the point where he dressed the whole of European royalty.

Around the shops of Worth other fashion houses arose, such as Paquin, Chernit and Doucet, which transformed Paris into the world capital of fashion. Some shoemakers who worked for these houses became independent and worked as designers. Among them, Pinet in particular arrived in Paris in 1855 to work with the house of Worth, and created the heel that has his name, finer and straighter than the popular "Louis". Another outstanding creator was Pietro Yanturni who called himself "the most expensive shoemaker in the world", with an exclusive clientele of only 20 clients, and whose shoes are actually being exhibited at present in the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York. Andre Perugia followed him. His shoes are exhibited in the Musee de la Chaussure, in Romans, France.
In 1900 there were still reminders of the previous century. It was still considered indecent for a woman to show her naked extremities. Comfort prevailed in detriment to style, which was relegated to the privacy of the home. In public, tight and buttoned boots were worn.

This changed after the First World War. With the improvement of the economy, the ribbon shoe arrived with its pointed toes and high heels of the "Louis" type. There was an explosion of colour and high heels were even used for dancing.

The Thirties brought the Great Depression and had its repercussions on fashion. Heels became lower and wider. Walking boots competed with sandals that ended the influence of lounge shoes, whose pointed toes and heels could not be exposed.

In the Twenties and Thirties some academic women condemned high heels, but it was during the Second World War that they were in real danger due to the rationing of leather. The Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo found the solution by developing the wedge-shaped cork platform. This became fashionable after the war, when more elegant designs were demanded.

Salvatore Ferragamo had exported handmade women's footwear to the USA in 1914, where he finally became known as the movie stars' shoemaker. The Englishman, David Evins, would later in the Forties continue the work of Ferragamo in North America, creating fashion collections for the most famous New York designers (Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta).

Ferragamo, Andre Perugia and Charles Jourdan competed to develop the finest and most elegant heel, but, in production, they could not use brittle wood or soft materials that could not support the weight of a woman. Several designers devised a steel pin covered with plastic, to overcome the problems in the strength of the heels. The Italians Del Co and Albanese designed an evening sandal with two tiny ribbons and a low heel under the arch of the foot. Roger Vivier, who worked for Christian Dior in Paris, improved the heel, giving it the form of a comma and took the credit for the invention of the stiletto heel in 1955.

However, while the French didn't have competition with their clothes, the Italians were masters of the mass-production of footwear, that they also exported to the USA. Thanks to the contacts of Ferragamo with Hollywood, these shoes became very popular amongst the Hollywood stars in the Fifties (Jane Mansfield had more than 200 pairs). The stiletto heel was now a synonym of "sex appeal".
Nevertheless, the medical profession blamed the high heel shoe for all types of problems, not only health (juvenile delinquency, for example).

In the Sixties, the transfer of fashion from Paris to London began, and street style dictated what was worn. With rising prices of leather, synthetic materials came into the picture. Vivier, Herbert Levine and Miller were pioneers in the use of the transparent plastic.
At the beginning of the Seventies platforms briefly returned, especially extravagant platform boots. Many were thigh high and had psychedelic designs. It was the androgynous style of "Glam Rock". It was the designer Terry de Havilland who popularised them, and found followers not only amongst women, but also amongst gays and lesbians.

In the Eighties, executive women adopted the stiletto heel as a complement to the shoulder pads of their suits, to project an image of authority and efficiency. High heels symbolised extravagance and glamour; a way for women to express femininity.

In the last decade of the 20th century, platforms reappeared at the hands of Vivienne Westwood and Jean-Paul Gaultier. In the Nineties, previous ideas were recycled. Just like the dressmaker, the shoe designer is a star, with Manolo Blahnik as the greatest exponent, and, as in the previous decade, the brand name is the most important thing.
Nowadays, a new generation of footwear designers exists, requested by clients and dress designers, and probably in the future this will also be the case for museums.

As well as the above-mentioned Manolo Blahnik, shoes by Joan Halpern, Maud Frizon, Beth and Herbert Levine, Andrea Pfister, Jan Jansen, Patrick Cox and Christian Louboutin, will some day be appreciated as authentic works of art.

Technology has brought new materials (microfibre, elastic fabrics,...) and it has improved the process of production, which seems to point to the fact high heels will probably be around for a long time.

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