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Friday, November 25, 2011


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The M.Body Review

     The first 2 Showings of M.Body at the Producers Club NYC on Oct. 21-23 and the Titus Walker Ujaama Black Theatre @ The Times Square Arts Center continues to be a learning experience that goes a long way towards helping us in making the necessary moves I feel this show is ready to become as successful and prosperous as the light can shine all the way from the dark. The audiences that have come through each of the showings are the ones I love to thank for their input and continual support through it all because you all are what's making this possible. The educational aspect of what this show brings definitely speaks to all in that the learning keeps on moving,always telling us to know thyself in order to move thyself in the process of doing anything we each want incl. having teaching lessons on each of the embodied men in the as well as others not incorporated so,hit the books and listen on. Putting in the work as the Associate Producer for M.Body have been an experience that I enjoy every moment of and confidently shines on what's ahead of me while keeping the learning on,so it's something much bigger than us that is moving M.Body with love,peace and blessings speaking as calm as the rolling sea of the Creator...Namaste!!!! Ashay!!!! Amen!!!! Actor Ronald "Rondevu" Haynie shows while making things move in the Character of Barry Hinds that anything you do on your own path,there's a struggle in all aspects flowing as one to accept who you are and there's triumph to communicate on of which he's always fighting on & keeps it going. I love you brotha and always exciting to work with you!!!! 
   I encourage all to keep on with the spread about this show as we're doing it for Black History Month as well as my own interview with Ronald Haynie that's to come soon,so stay tuned....Peace,Love,Vybz & always make it do what it do your way!!!!  

Sunday, November 20, 2011