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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"THE PEACEMAKER: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. returns for Black History Month

      Ashley Sharpton President/C.E.O.
      Arnold Pinnix Producing Director/C.O.O.
      proudly presents "THE PEACEMAKER: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.", featuring the NAN Performing Activist Troup:



      With Delores Martin-Morales, Lorenzo Von Smith, Deborah Jacobs


      Arnold Pinnix' award winning, poignant script examines the slain civil rights leader from adolescence to his teen years, into fatherhood to his meteoric rise to Nobel Peace Prize winning fame, spoken through the eyes of Dr. King himself, reliving the peaks and valleys of his centralized involvement as the nucleus of the civil rights movement through purgatory.

      This staged reading event is FREE and open to the public sponsored by the National Action Network, spearheaded by the honorable Reverend Al Sharpton. 


      February 6th, February 13th, February 20th, & February 27th @ 7:30PM


      FOR BOOKINGS & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (646)688-8350 or call (646) 406-7148 (Click link for "I HAVE A DREAM") 

      Monday, February 6, 2012 at 7:30pm until Monday, February 27, 2012 at 10:00pm
      The National Action Network aka House Of Justice
      106 West 145th Street bet. Malcolm X and A.C. Powell Blvds
      New York, NY 
      Bus: M1,M2,M7,M102,Bx19 to the area
      Subway:#3 train to 145th Street/Lenox Station (the first 5 cars for exit)

S.W.A.P It Out!!! Session II @ The Street Poets Den Feb 10th,2012

S.W.A.P is a life skills program

Our mission here is to take our sisters and sons who are having difficulty navigating and coping with the adversities they're facing in life become a S.W.A.P!(Sister/Son.With.A.Purpose!) 

We believe that before you can succeed you must know what it is you're to be succeeding at A.K.A your PURPOSE!

Our discussions will be on life skills, education, politics, parenting, love, loss, & spirituality & more... There is a different topic every session!

The mission for S.W.A.P is to help our sisters and sons find and use their L.I.P.S(Life.Improvement.Plan.for Success) because we believe and know that the words of our mouths shall manifest in our lives. So we'll speak positivity and possibility into existance!!!

PLEASE COME WITH A OPEN MIND, HEART, AND MOUTH! We can't have a discussion if no ones talking!If you had a bad week full of the worlds negatives? WELL Be prepared to S.W.A.P IT OUT for POSITIVITY AND POSSIBILITY!!!

There will be a light snack and FREE DRINKS for our 21+ guests so if your mouth gets loose during our disscussion you can blame it on the goose!! ;o)


Friday,February 10th,2012
The Street Poets Den
559 Macon Street (corner of Malcolm X Blvd.)
Free Admission
Light Snacks and Drinks are Available
A,C to Utica Ave./Fulton St. then walk 5 blocks on Malcolm X Blvd. to Macon St. 
B25 to Fulton St. & Malcolm X Blvd. then walk 5 blocks to Macon St. or transfer to the B46 
B46 Local/Limited to Malcolm X Blvd. & Halsey St
B26 to Halsey St. & Malcolm X. Blvd

Saturday, January 14, 2012

MTK Entertainments 4 U Presents: "A YEAR OF TRUTHS & LOVE hosted by Writer/Poet Irene MTK JANUARY 18TH 2012

   MTK Entertainment 4 U Presents:

Hosted by: Writer/Poet Irene MTK

Wednesday,JANUARY 18TH,2012




P. O. E. T. (Putting Out Eternal Thoughts)
Spoken Word Artist/Poet & Host of "Anatomy of an Idea"

Jozac Music Featuring Artists  

Limited open mic sign-up list 
(7p.m. sharp!)

Enjoy the assorted treats & beverages on the Taza De CafĂ©’s menu
Info: 347-431-7616 or 212-283-6018

Sponsored by:  Praxis Housing Initiviate, Inc.
Svein Jorgensen, CEO / / / Floyd Cuevas, Director of Operations
212- 293-8404

Taza De Cafe
450 W. 155th St @ St. Nicholas Ave
New York,NY 10032

C to 155th Street/St. Nicholas Ave.
A,B,D to 145th Street/Nicholas Ave. exit at W. 147th St.,walk up north on St. Nichlolas Ave to W. 155th St. & make a left where Taza De Cafe is on the left side. 
#1 to 157th Street/Broadway 

M100,M101 to Amsterdam Ave. & 155th St.
M3,Bx6 to 155th Street/St. Nicholas Avenue
M4,M5 to Broadway & 155th St. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

"THE PEACEMAKER: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mon. Jan 16th,2012

"THE PEACEMAKER: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

When: Monday, January 16, 2012
Time: 7:30pm until 10:00pm
Where: The National Action Network aka House Of Justice, 
106 West 145th Street 
bet. Malcolm X and A.C. Powell Blvds. 
New York,NY 10039

Ashley Sharpton President/C.E.O.
Arnold Pinnix Producing Director/C.O.O.
proudly presents "THE PEACEMAKER: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.", featuring the NAN Performing Activist Troup:

RONALD HAYNIE as Martin Luther King Jr.


With Delores Martin-Morales, Lorenzo Von Smith, Deborah Jacobs


Arnold Pinnix' award winning, poignant script examines the slain civil rights leader from adolescence to his teen years, into fatherhood to his meteoric rise to Nobel Peace Prize winning fame, spoken through the eyes of Dr. King himself, reliving the peaks and valleys of his centralized involvement as the nucleus of the civil rights movement through purgatory.

This staged reading event is FREE and open to the public sponsored by the National Action Network, spearheaded by the honorable Reverend Al Sharpton. 



FOR BOOKINGS & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (646)688-8350 or call (646) 406-7148 for the "I HAVE A DREAM" Speech 

Bus: M1,M2,M7,M102,Bx19 to W. 145th St & Lenox Ave
Subway: #3 to 145th Street/Lenox Ave. Station (the first 5 cars for exit)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Smooth Productions Interview with Actor Ronald "Ronn de voou" Haynie

Smooth Productions Interview with Actor Ronald "Ronn de voou" Haynie 

"DIAMOND EMERGING FROM THE ROUGH: Who IS Ronald Haynie?" By Tyrell L. Muir for Smooth Productions

  This holiday season, inside a packed yet wondrously communal neighborhood event for the celebration of Kwanzaa, my night was transformed. At this neighborhood networking extravaganza given on the night of the Ujamaa-Cooperative Economics principle, inside the basement of Harlem's Saint Mark's United Methodist Church, ten minutes from the event's closing, a young man from the street wandered in wearing military styled hip hop gear, complete with hoodie and baseball cap to the back.
   Quickly introduced as "Ronn de Voou" (pronounced rendezvous) by the emcee to the dismay of the audience, the man delivered verbatim the entire Nobel prize winning "I HAVE A DREAM" speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with no paper in hand, no paper to read. He received a standing ovation, immediately mobbed by the event attendees. When the smoke cleared from the stunned awestruck crowd, I realized that Ronn de Voou IS Ronald Haynie, and finally I would receive my chance to meet and interview the mysterious orator.
Mr. Haynie, is an artist who I have heard of for many years, high crawling his way through the new renaissance of Harlem artistic circles, yet low crawling through trenches of the New York City underground movement, a diamond finally emerging from the rough. After a five year hosting stint of his own poetry show "Friday Nite Mic With Ronne", billed on the internet as a local actor, he is who he is: a neighborhood child actor, singing teen turned rapper, ex-serviceman becoming unpublished writer to emerging actor a second time in his adulthood. In the dawn of his phenomenal six character one man show "M.Body" returning to stage, as well as the re-mounting of Arnold Pinnix' "THE PEACEMAKER: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr." inside the title role, Ronald Haynie-a member of Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network Arts and Culture Division-will soon be reciting "Tengo Un Sueno" (I Have A Dream in spanish) publicly. Finally, I have the opportunity to talk with, and find out just who IS Ronald Haynie.

1. You're a Motown Lover through it all so,who is your influence outside of Motown? My influences outside of Motown are Teddy Pendergrass and Barry White in R&B as well as Louis Armstrong and Billie Holliday. For other influences,I love all Hip-Hop.

2. With M.Body moving as successfully as it is and continuing to grow,what makes you motivated to do it? The fact that I'm able to teach history through the men of which I'm emboding and tie them all into one experience.

3. Who is Ronald Haynie? Ronald Haynie is an Actor,Writer and great big ole' Fantansizer. 

4. What are your hobbies? My hobbies are singing,writing,working on Playwrighting scripts,sightseeing on occasions,reading & going to the library.

5. You was at Occupy Wall Street on Columbus Day Rallying with the National Action Network contingent. Give us your feelings from that day being there & seeing what's going on there as the Movement goes along overall. 
I was proud to be at Occupy Wall Street with Rev. Al Sharpton as a member of the NAN while performing Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech. I felt like everyone became one on the same level where there are no racial barriers,financial barriers nor any indifferences in the process of understanding each other's plight. I saw that everyone were shouting the same message for a common goal.

6. Love is the message that always shines bright,so,what is your prospective view on love? Love is universal,a gift from the Creator,Love is you and you should spread it and share it. 

7. What is your inspiration for doing Acting? How does Acting continues to be the beacon of light throughout your own path in life? My inspiration for doing Acting is to move audiences deeply with abilities to do more for the Creator. I notice that it increases my abilities to pick on challenging diverse roles and intaking on taking on more Acting roles.

8. With projects that you're in and going along well,what's the one thing that keeps you moving? One thing that keeps me moving is Faith in the Almighty Creator.

9. As Actors,we tend to have our downfalls due to personal battles growing up and triumphantly be able to move forward. What do you say in regards to that? I got to a point that I realize I was born to be an Actor,Writer,Creative Artist and really don't care what people say & I'm that little boy who needs a crowd. 

10. Who was your favorite Actor & Actress growing up? Who is your favorite Actor & Actress now? My favorite Actors and Actresses growing up were Redd Foxx,Richard Pryor,Dustin Huffman,Robert Diniro,Cecile Tyson,Meryl Strep,Faye Dunaway & Diana Ross. My favorite Actors and Actresses now are Jamie Foxx,Will Smith,Leonardo DiCaprio,Eddie Murphy,Haile Berry,Angela Bassett & Drew Barrymore.

11. In family,it's many to choose to take examples from in life that goes a long way,so who in your family makes you keep going? My nieces are who makes me keep on moving.

12. Who was your favorite musician(s) growing up? Who is your favorite musician(s) now? My favorite musician(s) growing up: The Jackson 5,Salt & Peppa,Run DMC & James Brown. My favorite musician(s) now: Kanye West,NAS,50 Cent,Mary J. Blige,Alicia Keys & R. Kelly.

13. What gets Ronald Haynie emotional? What gets me emotional is unfair criticism,injustice and laziness.

14. If it had to be anyone to embody other than the men in M.Body,who would it be and why? I would love to embody Nat Turner because I want to understand his mind. I also would love to embody Sammy Davis Jr. because of the way he opened the doors of entertainment. Barry Gordy would be another in the longer version.

15. The success of Friday Nite Mic with Ron at 449LA SCAT in 5 years is a mover that everyone appreciates and can share their artistic talents. What is the thing about it that keeps you going in doing the show? What kept me going in doing the show is to bring the art together for all to express their talents and opinions.

16. Give us your personal take on the troops withdrawl from Iraq and coming home this season being that you're a military man through it all. My take is that I think it is good for them and their families as well as bulk up on training in case they're call back for duty moving forth.

17. Where did you get the nickname Ronn de voou from? The nickname Ronn de voou came from I'M Messenger & Mama D of Slower Vibrations in Harlem.

18. What is your favorite time of the year? My favorite of the year is Fall.

19. What would you love to do moving forward other than Acting? Other than Acting,publish my book of writings.

20. What is your favorite sport(s)? My favorite sport(s): Boxing,Baseball,Tennis

21. If at any point to play in a movie as Marcus Mosiah Garvey,how would you feel about it? I would feel awesome about the opportunity and work at the role very hard.

22. Where do you see yourself moving forward? I see myself as a World Reknown,well-rounded Entertainer and Published Author moving into bestselling mode.

23. What is your favorite movie(s)? My favorite movie(s): Lady Sings The Blue,The Exorcist,Cooley High,The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock,Ray,Ali & Titanic

24. What can you tell anyone who have been/are going through the struggles of making it in the industry? I tell them to put on your armor of faith,never give up and develop a tough skin.

25. How do you feel about the United States Government? I feel that the United States Government is open Liberal.

26. How do you feel about Martin Luther King Jr. overall? I feel that he is one of the greatest martyrs to ever life where he stood for change and had a fearless attitude in his era. 

27. What makes you so proud to be in Arnold Pinnis' "The Peacemaker-The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr." ? To portray the life of one of the greatest Civil Rights Martyrs of all time.

28. You do the "I Have A Dream" speech very well and you're going to do the speech in Spanish. How do you feel about doing it? I feel great about bridging gaps between the African American and Latin communities with the influence from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On The Mic Thursday Reviews

 OCTOBER 13,2011

      On October  13th   two designers simultaneously showcased their clothing line.  Even though Carlos Williams traveled the world to showcase “Original Stush Couture” he humbly shared the limelight with an upcoming designer, Kathrine “Kathy” Holder. To launch the birth of her clothing line “Fashion Infinity”, She Chose On The Mic Thursday Fashion Showcase. “Fashion Infinity” is noticeably made for sexy and confident women. Her pieces are bold and very exotic.  Behind the scenes with Carlos & Kathy was a great experience for upcoming models and designers. On The Mic Thursday isn’t only sought by musical artist for exposure, participants in the fashion industry benefit as well.

Have you ever witnessed musical artist Bumpa Green in concert? On Oct. 13th , He possessed vitality in his expressions, especially when he mimicked a grasshopper and jumped around the stage.  The reason he was recognized as the featured artist of the week was an undeniable fact.

Featured artist from the past, General Starsky and Strats IB, took a moment to serenade Aminatu Noah for her birthday celebration. Throughout the night, other performers and Lively w/ One Don Sound spoke highly of her, the look on her face was sketched with appreciation.  

Aminatu popped champagne bottles with models and family, after the extravaganza. She swiveled in her leopard shoes, in the middle of the dance floor, for the duration of the unforgettable event.

For the past On The Mic Thursday’s @ Reflection Manor in Brooklyn, NY models became designers or make up artist and every week another big birthday celebration occurred. Are you in wonder about next week?

OCTOBER 27, 2011

 On Thursday October 27th, vibes in Reflection Manor never fail to achieve an astonishingly successful program. The aroma was sweet like the island breeze. Lights were dim enough for a romantic evening, made just for two. The atmosphere oozed an imaginative vision of seats accompanied by couples, at the candle lit tables, holding hands or simply driven in the pleasure of laughter. A silent eagerness aroused after more analytical observation. On The Mic family revamped the image of the venue. Change is great. Change is refreshing. Change can be unforgivable, but not forgettable.

Though a featured artist wasn’t honored this week, the event was even more glorious. More than twenty five artist performed on the red carpet covered stage. Artist like Troy C gave a strong prayer like messages. Artist like Los, Gaddie G & Strats presented a hip hop style. Artist like Alton Mark delivered a rootsy reggae style and RasNastow crowned Janel ToTheCore with “cutie cutie”, his poetry. The best part of the night was the embracement of first time guest to the program, which include photographer Marvin, videographer Jabali Jones and musical artist like Issa Samba. Artist:

·     General Starsky
·     Billy Cotton
·     Shaul Shakur
·     Jah Mus
·     I Am I featuring Jah
·     Jah Juice
·     Cheese Mus Bus
·     Kebo (poet)
·     Da Poet
·     Jah Ribble
·     Tye 2xx
·     Boss HD
·     Poggy
·     Lion Melta
·     Ineeks
·     Shine

 were some artist that graced the On The Mic Thursday stage. Besides the LIVE performance was the remarkable fashion showcase. Three designers participated, Gallis 247 by Dice, Harriets Alter Ego by Hekima and Original Stush Couture by Carlos Williams. Some guests were in a frenzy because of the routines the models displayed, scene after scene was applauded. Same as Oct. 20th, the male models were not available. Male designers like NaNa Wilson and Gordan Van Rossum (Dice) can definitely rely on the women to rip the runway, like a boy. Exceptional courage was shown by management and models to deliver a showcase for all designers.

The discipline of the program was recited by host Ras Atiba/ Dub Poet and Movie Star. Aminatu is usually one of the models, but she is still attentive to the guest within the On The Mic Thursday event. Dice (Gordan Van Rossum) is habitually by the speaker wires inspecting and nursing problems if needed. Aminatu, Dice and Ras Atiba would love to thank all supporters every week.

NOVEMBER 3, 2011
Old School (on the left) -VS- New School (on the right) DING! DING! DING! Who do you think won the battle?
Dice (Gordon) didn’t hesitate and joined the Old School team, while Host Ras Atiba represented the New School. Riddim after riddim, Old against New, the momentum in Reflection Manor rose. Dice friends supported him, cheers escaladed as he reminisced On The Mic about his childhood riding his bicycle. On the other hand, Host Ras Atiba informed the crowd that something was cooking in his kitchen. The match up to remember was Strats -vs- KenText God of Quam. Old school (Quam) had a strong counteraction, yet New School was crowned the WINNERS. The diversion spiced up the night.

David House members Prince Pankhi and Mosiah graced the stage together, while Bobo Rems stood to the side. November 2, 1930 Emperor Haile Selassie I alongside Queen Menen Asfa was the first King and Queen, crowned together. More than Seventy-Two nations, which included the Pope and Queen, bowed before them. They called him ”The King of Kings, Lords of Lords, The conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God, Light of The Universe.”  The Coronation remembrance was honored while Natty Kasha from Black Youth Faith, waved the Ethiopian flag. Stamina said a prayer in the middle of his performance and as always, Rapture expressed exuberance with the mic and as a supporter to his friends.

On The Mic program wasn’t appreciated by all attendees, due to the newly added ingredient. Even though thirty names were on the performance list, after RichKnits Morris featured in the fashion showcase, the live stage show was over. Seems like even the artist couldn’t concentrate anymore. A few models were impatient afterwards, as well, but Lively w/ One Don Sound soothed their anticipation to take over the dance floor. Beyonce’s track “Girls” was the best selection for the showcase. It’s True, we run the world. 

Surprisingly, owner Lawrence Prescott visited On The Mic Thursday for the first time at Reflection Manor. All the way from ATL, yet photography was on his agenda. He stated “the vibes are nice,” with a joyful expression. He’s usually very efficient with assistance and resourceful tactics is his weapon against discrepancies.

Thank you to all first time guest and builders for ON THE MIC THURSDAY.

All Reviews are written by Janeltothecore
Connect with her on Facebook: Janeltothecore 
and check out On The Mic Thursdays Every Thursday @
Reflection Manor 
3411 Church Ave
(Bet. 34th & 35th Streets)
Brooklyn, NY