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Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Montage of High Heels Pt. 2

And while High Heels are a Fashionista's Best Friend,here's what it can also cause healthwise,so continue to be yourself and live on....

High Heels

   Part 1

I love high heels and damn,they surely make firm toned legs get the muscles to showcase style from moving hips down to the toes swinging that bouncy shape as anything I can imagine to put with that beautiful Ass bad as shit,which gets me going at the click of the motion when I see them whisking in the sky with air,flowing in the Universe with water,vibrating everything at every step it makes with earth while sizzling with Fire and there's no stopping as the rituals are already moving and set to zing on,guaranteed to have the magic come true because I dream of high heels where I'm never ever letting them go by the wasteside oooh noo noo noo

Don't play with my heels as it's your time to shine beyond anything ever wished upon a star to follow where you are indeed and knowing your history in all mythological tales gives indication that you're good to go and always going to be while babeling speaks on about you because of the confidence moving infinitely through them...look at you go!!!

From 2" to the stiletto flow is truely fruitful with tasty blazing at the tongue doing all typa tings displaying no behavior,zinergized love and infinitely plentifulness where all sings on

Burning Desire,Essence of Love,Aphrodesia,Opium,Pussy,Money,Rosemary,Cannibus incense and oils helps me in feeling stimulatory steps from heels where dem allow me to enter all thoughts in remembering actions performed vivaciously through Milky Way's sex tides,Big Dipper's motions to please mama heels,which is complied with clearance towards banging the shit out of them heels oh yes!!!

Beyond my wildest dreams you are always moving through my mind where I can never wait any longer to make love to you because yearning for high heels gets me all roused up in infinite tones of music rocking to the beat of Prince and Appolonia's tantalizing,flavalicious encounters towards many women putting them into clicking extacy snap snap snap.

Part 2

Egyptian Heiroglyphic incryptions being spelled out in humming tones all over those who are feeling it,signals magic because loving dem don't cost a thang where the issence of spells beingcast,leaves an impression so far beyond that Isis,Sekhmet,Hathor,Malasia,Nzinga,Gaia,Oshun & infinitely more Goddesses come rocking 

as the ground shakes my ears as I say "Wear dem heels baby and never waste them on stupid shit yeah yeah" which means it shouldn't be a problem to practice moving through the mirror in them before dancing GoGo daddy sporting them while my magic spices dem up everytime calls me all-in-all seeing all on the ride never runneth over and I speak about heels where only then,the back heel shows me to the door where heel ain't no more showing its face ever.

I see through my 3rd eye that the women who loves heels passionately graduates at the top of the class by wearing 'em to every open mic showcase and parties my light moves and always dreaming what's able to transpire once words wrap fruitilicious fetish taste of sex like sweet things in the Ghetto...I digg dat,do you? 

Anna Nicole Smith done passed by here intense in the process of summoning Freya and with channeling,we communicate to the point that she elaborated this: "Heels are the things that makes for stimulating pathways always seeking to find out what's up & I want you to tell them that love for high heels moves through all things in every situation" And there aren't any excuses on that flow where I give everything in moving heels everywhere.
Massaging all mythological areas of her honesty gives that shine most look for in humans,but this one hmm teaches me to never ever be an idiot because high heels heve been through eras while cursing magically,which brings lifting support fluffiates the tasy sensations to where travelling out of body curviates vibrations that everything is imensely everything in making sure flava is heelicious mmm mmm mmm!!!

By: Tyrell "Smoothpana" Muir
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