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January 30, 2012



Spring truns into summer here in the valley where growth leads Black Women into Sisterhood always moving together in everything they do and this is for the women who have and continue to take many journeys and going through the creative sea to shining sea,making sure that our minds stand clear of the distractions around us that eventually causes breakage along the way. Know to this that Brotherhood would never be in existence without production from Sisterhood,so I admit to disobeying Sisterhood for that is why I go back to the roots towards grossing things for all of us to share.



Deep in the darkness lies all things that society wants for us to cover up in showing that we are all brave souls staring in the eye of the fight,which is the prize that comes through hard work and not through trickery hitting debauchary guaranteeing everything while coming up with absolutely nothing but lies and lies. Drinking seems to block this train from operating the way it is supposed to be because diesel fuel in the gut fills my love with pain,causing so much confusion and making me the main person of the house "My Mother" so,now my habit is going away and time to face reality before reality faces me up with warning sign after warning sign tagging illnesses like stops on this train. You see,ghettos talk like guts outta dem backsides where there's nothing left to do but be the layout for concentration camp tactics to rush righ in to plug up drugs to the wazoo like anything we ask for in a bar,so whose laughing now hahahaha get to work dumb dumb!!!!

By: Tyrell "Philosophical Ty" Muir

January 23, 2012

#371-Never Want To Be Alone

I don't ever wanna be alone
because solo never gets it done
and we both know the times we share
makes for very wonderful experiences
now that we overstand what it takes
let's keep on moving so profoundly
through unique smiles we each share
giving the world something to never forget about us
letting go of all of our troubles
and having Alimighty God be the reason why we do it together

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January 22, 2012



Brooklyn is my home where the best things on Earth are always rocking including Coney Island's Wonder Wheel spinning the crowds around while on the beach,love is spelled on the sand meanwhile Brighton Beach rises up for a festive activity that keeps on coming long after it's done and then,taking a train ride into Flatbush where tongues speak in multiverse flavas guaranteed to have one leaving outta there with an accent of "Sak Pase" "Wah Gwan" and "Quesopa" with indulging foods to quench anyone's taste buds. 


Going back to clear all broken pieces
from my roots let's me see clarity
through the sun
earth's core
my insides
and the stars
where kamikazical fires
turns up the heat 
to embrace everything we have 

January 13, 2012



Let the world know that I am coming back home to the roots where I belong to clear all broken pieces from all my tracks along my path as well as to give people something to cheer for as I say anything to spread light of shining ethers overlooking Brooklyn's every motion speaking of the Almighty God's words that screams out for a breakage in the well-oiled system,giving a hope to travel into Nebula while we dream of hard work to be the way that we each want to be.



Africa trodding foot of herbs abundantly healing all of the nations
while teaching on
living on
blazing marijuana all over the land to cure all ills
shaking off downpression with cosmic force
letting all who have done wrong upon the land be taught and loved
watching all animals take care of its own
teaching humans that they can do the same
for themselves and the black woman

January 12, 2012

#317-Psychodelic Moment

Clothes talk off of our bodies while the sweet smells of love flavas into anywhere we go,which is no secret to know how many times we cry out for each other's passionate desires to be wanted like Ocean's whispers as loud as our hearts beat in every way for sure and getting carried away in the fruity moments of sharing eye-to-eye connection gives all indication to desire for drops of rain pouring down the waves that are our backs to arch up as the St. Louis Arch does for attraction. We're not done at all as the Mothership sets on a ride that we shall get off of,not even to look after the kids because they're moving on their own indeed ya diggg baby!!!!! Speak up mama and papa should be treating you with the best of the best or so be the case because I'm tired of sickening myself to wait for you that I maw just let go clearing the mirror for anyone to come in and rock so much on this ship,ain't that cool or what??!!!!!


Scat it up all the way 
as the sounds of Reggae's past 
skips into every speaker jolting the crowd 
to always party up 
while remembering the clutches that we shake off 
in order to be free
but let's make sounds going into symphonies 
like anything else in the cosmos 
swooing the smell of marijuana spread out there 
that's to have the people enjoy it on and on.

January 11, 2012


Angels and Demons dancing with Ghouls and Goblins warning about coming of wrath noises bringing on the components in efforts to stop the Calvary from generating power to be operators of life,so that they won't destroy the land,but whose to say it can't happen because anything occurs just like that such as father's disrespect of himself by listening to Religious Leaders do blasphemic things right in front of our eyes and feels that he has committed a sin,now pours it onto my plate where I gladly say I love you because I am me,but no thanks for the offer because I am clean and never sinful. Ahhh,what ways to kick off the show by convincing the folks that monkeys are much smarter than humans and always seem to leave out one easy detail: "Love is the message" raise an eyebrow to that,shine on and get it on in the garden.


No cohorsing attitudes around me
while the smoke fills you up
with a 1000 kinds of marijuana 
going along with God 
in the process of meditation
detaching myself from this world
and be be be me 
so I am I am humming
tumping up vicarious sounds
relaxing all the way
and everything is all right


Operational wetars
breezy years
crazy quitars
tears flowing down war torn Mongolia
on into Tibet
taking flight to cure pain
faring all brunts 
of fiya breathing active zones
shooting on heavy assualt 
towards Vietnam 
where head games are what it is
in getting through despairity


Ooo baby troubles so high
ooo baby troubles so high
the troubles so high that
we sit down and talk
while the waves of life
do its thing on us
in essence of all we share
is to never ever go to waste
and when they feel the we share
the cries for depression turns to tears
of roads much traveled and experienced 
by every stretch of the imagination

#310 Women Love Marijuana

#310-Women Love Marijuana

I can get as many women as I can,have them in an outdoor plateau while the party is going on and smoke up all kinds of marijuana from kush to Panama Red,bubble gum,purple rain,etc. just to name a few plenty of times over the speed limit,that they would have their clothes off at anytime screaming out "Cosmic fever,we feel like kids again: never ever to disobey themselves at all and start listening to God Almighty through the smoke of them and nothing to block their paths where there's no ending blazing all smiles while puffing in the nutrients. Sometimes,all the time and surely nonstop di sensimillia ring up like "Brrr Brrr Brrr" off the Chalice flaring with water for all to get away from troubles with. In the midst of it all,fun fun fun is always the essential where we are having it to no avail,vybing with the tunes of yesteryears with today's beats sounding like it never left us.

Marijuana Garden

Black woman relaxing with marijuana smoke

Black woman relaxing herself after smoking marijuana

#309 Love please

My love is going out
and I have to move along with it
so that my obidience to feel all over me
before feeling all ova you 
due to the simple fact
that I am me me me
and maybe you should to

1/11/12 hits


I need to travel the 2012 vent
and experience what is to be
and what isn't to be because
if there's something bound to happen
it would have already taken place
but let's not get over the vent yet
as we go fly tripping
through the vent coming into our views


I'm a fool for believing in things throwing away
falling apart eventually and breathing someone else's life away 
because of the deplorable greed 
I have in me 
to just roll people over
but the black hole
speaks all that I really
should be hearing at this time
so let me follow on and 
I catch up with you later

January 9, 2012

1/9/12 Vibrations


Woman,before I touch you all over your desirable spots,let us cure the ills of our present despair of which the past has come time and time again to scream at all for the intangibles we're not using to grow with Mother Nature applying assurance we should always be able to appreciate everytime ships tents their way into temptation for love,making clear twisters over lust when simplicity is unity. Maybe we should grab on for the tall tales speaking easy things to do to each other while the peole keeps on babbling,we can never say say thing against them because we love them and have seen the suffering each goes through to uniquely bounce back up therefore we're not giving a mercy mess about that because jungle fever is what we get it in with. Electrical canmas interslides back and forth,surely guaranteed of all intraconnections spicing up the night and licking everything in its path,so this is not a dream because it is what you see that honestly makes a difference.


Lotto jackpots 
going once
three times a million
towards finding a luck 
and chance 
to get in on the big cash 
that is God's way 
of saying
in giving all you got 
to receive the gifts you ask for


I hear me talking about
Melanie Fiona's walk of gifted soul
tearing obscurity away 
blazing the reasons of
itenized healing for the 
Black Woman she is
rolling through the studio
electrically vocaling tunes 
that are humming into yesterday's flights
moving on up into tomorrow's grandest union
flowing dangerously
the way she loves it


Feeling free of all sins hindering the vessel from being the way it should be to the way it shouldn't be,well,one may/may not get it until life bumps and then,plenty of saving to take place where Religions salvate all knowing people while playing around with God's Almighty moves to wanna be like Satan contain his wrath and sickly waves,teaching self to be thyself,which is very much confusing and no fun at all. Speaking African Jungle tongues turning and going back to the roots where foundations sprout up life's smiles brings on the words of healing coming in biblically.


Time are of travels
grabbing onto us for the
ride that's guaranteed to
charge up the lives not
believing in the power
source wrapped by obscurity
spinning upon a grid
requiring unpluging
faithfully into desirable
ways spicing ourselves
galactically for a funky good time

January 7, 2012


Love Rock of Healing out the fame shelves out the way that Pluto and I turned up the heat on Galaxia with Venus while having fun like kids all over again,showing appreciations to why we are charged to do anything they wanna do moving forward,but let's take the time to realize that all we have been talking about is nothing more than philosophy boiled up in a big pot to serve instantly to the electrical temple for which it gets them sick to the core and assuring that you will never experience love in the process of getting out of a messy situation. Control isn't through the physical appearence shown in front of us,but through the life meals given to us by Religions who keeps on bumping heads due to the fact they're ill and need some intense healing that's easy afterwards where the cure just to listen,so carry on fellas carry on as I still love you,but I have to go right now.

Words of motivation

I welcome you all onto the moving train where thoughts always moves and making things to appear in reality while being crazy about them offers light to the ways of which burns in all. Enjoy,make yourself comfortable here while the words cures you.

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