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May 7, 2013

Politics In Motion #31

Politics In motion #31

When it comes to choosing the best party in
representing whoever wants the absolute best 
out of giving his/her best efforts towards
putting the members of the game there knowing
thyself while moving in making a decision 
between Democratic,Republican and Independent
because if it matters,results ain't gonna be what
you voted for...Never trust anyone to do the job
you feel that you're able to do so hey,smile on!!!

There's a quote from past lifetimes and it's been
the way to go and it's "Change is sweet when one
sees it humming in him/herself to rock on
and always loving everything each of them do
towards moving."

Maybe growing up you had people telling you 
that voting for someone rather than yourself 
is somewhat healthy when you know in everyway
that choosing you sets sail to so many things 
to accomplish leaving the mess to those who just
feel to be in the game for easy flava instead of 
learning the things for infinite success,which burns

I can feel in the air calling me into tones of love
taking place everywhere and all you do is "Be open
and nothing shall put me down by surprise" 
because politics just ain't fooling me here

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