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May 5, 2013

NYC Experience (From the lens of Smoothpana)

NYC Experience (From the lens of Smoothpana)

I had an experience last Tuesday while doing Election Day Work (Nov. 2010) in the New York City Region when a woman by the name of Tamieka living in di same Borough as me was getting intimate with each other to where we kissed all di weh in Crown Heights and flow into helping out one another with di work.Tamieka and I are in di city getting di tings to do work Election Day and my vybe attracted her to di point where she wrapped her right arm around mi left arm and it flowed from there walking there Times Square to get into Brooklyn via subway for work while in issence,iveryting is iveryting moving with cunnilingus already doing it. The fact that it happened,things have changed since that time where I embarked on the path towards doing something I said I wanted was to do,doing more and moving from the grid as I keep on carrying forth with what I do and not trust anyone much,so I stepped back for a bit to clean up in 2011,then while doing so in and around town,the talk from immediate circles for which I know of and don't trust much surfaced up once the personal hygiene was getting into place and I didn't have a problem saying that Satan isn't a bad guy at all because if you love God,then it's to do what's created by God and keep on having the sinners in check,so it was good and still continues to be.

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