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September 5, 2012


#485-Bonus Lyric

I lift you up off the ground
where walls offers a cushion for our passion to be on and pure
with the cure to our depressing illnesses
showing that we care for the love we share
making it truthful when communications are expressed in tunes of
mmmmm ahhhhh yes yes yes oh goodness baby
and we are just hitting our stride
as this is never done at all
speaking to the points that every black man and woman
would do once together in the Black
because we can must definitely have the experience to show that
everything is always right and never wrong

By: Tyrell "Smoothpana" Muir

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Words of motivation

I welcome you all onto the moving train where thoughts always moves and making things to appear in reality while being crazy about them offers light to the ways of which burns in all. Enjoy,make yourself comfortable here while the words cures you.

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