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May 1, 2012

Slave Poet #9

Slave Poets 9/30

Never worry because the energies I have talked to have been through this fucking shit with hell and back on their resume to show for it as they speak powerful sayings going a long way while finding ways to break out of their own suppression while being time itself. I say to the universe "There's something churning in my cerebellum where I feel to unleash pure furious powers to tell all stories of my experiences I've heard from Slave Poets" who wraps themselves with the Noose labeled "Society" hitting blah blah blah cyhicular motions struggling to just get them by & never ever enjoying themselves at all,so,why is it for me to feel for them? Well,close your eyes and travel on. The wildest dreams I have when the soul travels to coasts and volcanoes communicatively sailing on mythologically where essential ways zinging tales are definitely singing on after I listen to me all the way,but,in the long run,things fall apart for me when I choose not to do so instead;feeling the love as told to do because Inslaving self should never be released and I'm going to deceive all who are looking for their motivations to make things better like soothing healers giving it a cuss out move. This is something in reality happening everyday as it's nothing new under the sun with that and they're only fooling themselves in the long run sounding just like their families and never step out of the box to do them indeed,so,no apologies at all baby lol lol hahahaha.
While everyone else have been studying and continually feeding their minds to the deepest deep love where their expressions transpires from the jazz,you've been acting so well in polarius duality with trickery being your forte along to the fact that ya damn sure to join movements spitting idiocracy jingling up fools in di backsides from my opinion of actually seeing you committ that and more because those who always seek on into the future,are most sensationally moving infinitely prosperous where the love they give blazes abundance flowing,thus,being open all the way in the times of giving and receiving shares storical situations to always be humble about,but don't ever hate at all on you due to the calls showing up in the form of a plague saying "You ain't gonna amount to anything along your journey" and surely driving that engine fuels the tiger never coming out di cage to breath fluent waves.
Now,your writings are beautiful to the touch in your views and just as decoding takes place where imagination sets free of all things you ever dream of and belief to a certain extent,being fearful and running away from the sound of me is what you and I'm worried about it because I am doing me successfully creative while you go round and round in circles spreading stink flavas that clogs up your hole making you say some things that are damn basically honest when I hear them as I see me through the pivivid mirror as crystal nations are building up far beyong here where they're moving towards being in your neighborhood soon humming on while crumbling towers show up in the agenda piercing the darkness you are and musically zinging bonging all types of flows ya digg!!!!

By: Tyrell "Philosophical Ty" Muir
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