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May 17, 2012

Artist Not Made Of Material #10

              Artist not made of material 10/30

Just because he/she is flashing the rosary beads saying prayers to get by in the Industry that's always geared towards cutting the head off the snake in pursuit of money pouring in,spreading ego that tends to stunt growth of what being him/her is all about,doesn't mean that success isn't as sweet as many think and see it to know in regards to art overall at crap level where manipulation of self is greed waiting to have cash flow on in blazing sweaty hands to touch every bit of it with lusting taking place at any moment,so,preparedness always gets it in with plenty of note taking as I couldn't help but to think to myself about the 300 Million Dollar Slave who sits around with a way of surely fooling those who wanna get caught up in the hoopla of things with that and not actually do everything that is takes for them to make moves beyond the jungle of struggle of hard times,but,who am I to say I mean look at the place of which one signs off on towards becoming his own slave feeling no regrets at all as the destiny is moved by all who love themselves to share with the world before challenges come on through. Ask all artists is ye are god or better yet,ask artists is ye are the light that shining in the dark,then,listen to their answer hissing from the tongue for the motions of them where the track of Johnny Cash's "There Ain't No Grave" plays in the wind moving on...

By: Tyrell "Philosophical Ty" Muir
© copyright 2012-05-17 13:23:24 UTC - All Rights Reserved

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