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March 15, 2012

#335-A Salsa Story

#335-A Salsa Story

Salsa gets me on the move for a groovy time while curing any ills bothering the electrical combustion in the process of eating foods that makes me go go go in the world of music. Growing up with the beats of Hector Lavoe's voice speaking through the box saying "Yo Soy El Cantante" along with Celia Cruz deep in Cuba singing out "Azucar Azucar" blazing up the airwaves,where I check out the Fania All-Stars performing together at Madison Square Garden & Yankee Stadium,New York City,which makes me feel like a kid hearing the music while on trips to Panama with my mother as well as to dance in the jungle and streets all over. And how could ever forget El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico jamming orchestra belting out hit after hit,synchronizing tunes that surely attracts a crowd anywhere they went including back home at a concert in Mayaguez,PR while anthologies are made and it's much humbling to get it in,reminding me of the days my parents would go out and have themselves a good time in the Streets of Brooklyn,NY and in the house making myself proud of my culture etched in the earth feeling cosmic fire.

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