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January 30, 2012



Deep in the darkness lies all things that society wants for us to cover up in showing that we are all brave souls staring in the eye of the fight,which is the prize that comes through hard work and not through trickery hitting debauchary guaranteeing everything while coming up with absolutely nothing but lies and lies. Drinking seems to block this train from operating the way it is supposed to be because diesel fuel in the gut fills my love with pain,causing so much confusion and making me the main person of the house "My Mother" so,now my habit is going away and time to face reality before reality faces me up with warning sign after warning sign tagging illnesses like stops on this train. You see,ghettos talk like guts outta dem backsides where there's nothing left to do but be the layout for concentration camp tactics to rush righ in to plug up drugs to the wazoo like anything we ask for in a bar,so whose laughing now hahahaha get to work dumb dumb!!!!

By: Tyrell "Philosophical Ty" Muir

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Words of motivation

I welcome you all onto the moving train where thoughts always moves and making things to appear in reality while being crazy about them offers light to the ways of which burns in all. Enjoy,make yourself comfortable here while the words cures you.

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