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January 11, 2012

#310 Women Love Marijuana

#310-Women Love Marijuana

I can get as many women as I can,have them in an outdoor plateau while the party is going on and smoke up all kinds of marijuana from kush to Panama Red,bubble gum,purple rain,etc. just to name a few plenty of times over the speed limit,that they would have their clothes off at anytime screaming out "Cosmic fever,we feel like kids again: never ever to disobey themselves at all and start listening to God Almighty through the smoke of them and nothing to block their paths where there's no ending blazing all smiles while puffing in the nutrients. Sometimes,all the time and surely nonstop di sensimillia ring up like "Brrr Brrr Brrr" off the Chalice flaring with water for all to get away from troubles with. In the midst of it all,fun fun fun is always the essential where we are having it to no avail,vybing with the tunes of yesteryears with today's beats sounding like it never left us.

Marijuana Garden

Black woman relaxing with marijuana smoke

Black woman relaxing herself after smoking marijuana

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