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December 23, 2011

Acoustic Fantasy #59 6/16/11

 Zinging flavas of Kool and the Gang's Sunshine plays on while the universe blends feve with harmonious tones of Rock and Roll in their voices singing the baby making sensations that loves Blue Valleys like raindrops falling and mamacitas always blazing on forever where there's no stopping at all as write this with absolute pleasure pulsing through shining abilities for success. Call this crazy or call it the way it's supposed to be because notes of past lifetimes whenze on in the sunset offering the messages of love as the forte for any cure in healing the wounds via musical schooling of how it's done without showing lust in sight,so,as the kick back session takes place,window seat is what I hear where no leaving the woman at all gives and receives codings validating logical thinking,which clears the way for creativity flowing as one,spitting all kinds of vybz that,chastizing gets shut down despite of all activities who loves no fun as well as preading hit after hit,which gets the clothes off saying "No telling where artistic whiskes in the valley" not being afraid to share it whenever times comes for it,but in the meantime,let's enjoy the best sex we have ever had and make acoustic fantasies together because we so miss each other and never want to be away again.


  Don't let the influences distract you from accomplishing your dreams and ambitions towards being successful because it sure is a cruel,cruel world where everything comes from the thoughts of you bringing them into manifestation and loving to wreck havoc,which is separation marked all over it and that spells destruction naming you as the prime suspect,but who would care,I mean look at what's already transpired and to add onto the chaos only drives them over the damn edge in handling nothing for their own,so before anything goes down,always maintain focus and concentration breathing success in the mirror smiling good deeds. While you're at it,take a bow with cheers and applauses chanting your name because there's nothing sweeter of the name,than listening to the people and you definitely know it. Let's not forget about the slavery in your own guilty pleasures applying addiction after addiction to be the reason why changes can't be enforced for ventures super exceeding the expectations writing on your agenda because if there's a story to tell about this,it's that you don't ever do things towards holding yourself behind from smiling on while getting the items into motion like electrons blazing at speeds to push out the mess piled up internally. In retrospect,the channel is on,the ears are listening and it's knowing of feeling where you're supposed to be.

December 22, 2011

12/22/11 beats

Strawberry Fields
African Safari
marijuana Plants
all have light shining every point
drinking up to the beauty strings 
not to be foolish
at anytime during book reading
dragging on lessons that keeps us divided through the canal of self
but indeed sharing the times of love
through the fire

Tales from the ways of living hisses on with deep pleasure - shaken together and never broken calls on many things to be wanted - acapella fever screams out their sinful ways after trekking through hell - being surprised gives plenty of hits to wake up

Breathe in and out intercarable connectors to get the riches of I - war torn realities gives way to the promise for all to build upon - distractors always seem to bump heads again and again - peace and prosperity shines like smooth sailings

December 6, 2011

12/6/11 waves

Shout to me people shout to me in anyway that liberates all of their silence - Find out what it takes to be inecular and you should feel at peace - Argentine beauty shines at me graciously in hopes to love again - Linguistic spins heads much effectively than pistols

Playing tug of war with my locks shows the connective bond that we have together - Discarded beauty gives way to wasteful pleasures that tastes real bad indeed - Bromo shout into the clear night where stars lend a hand for him to ride - Standing up is definitely onto something where steps fire off action in the hole

Food 4 Thought #286
Star gazing trips 
offer up the delicious taste 
guaranteed to make the flow say 
Damn damn,I need it like that and you working it just how I want it" 
leaving many to form lines in efforts to be just like that
so,when times come to be happy
spread on the healing

Words of motivation

I welcome you all onto the moving train where thoughts always moves and making things to appear in reality while being crazy about them offers light to the ways of which burns in all. Enjoy,make yourself comfortable here while the words cures you.

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