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May 15, 2011

Being free #41

It's all that I am and never ever
messing around with and that's
being free of all things causing harm
to my spirit,thus,making me think
in ways resulting in poison of me
and who's going to care what happens?
Well,I tell ya who will,it's the same force
talking to me at every point and always
encouraging me to never be negative
in my view towards myself as cleansing out
bad auras and always in motion where there
ain't a damn thing anyone can do about it
for me except be who they are & let vybz
ring on like candy store riots,but,I don't
care at all because I do what I do

By: Tyrell "Philosophical Ty" Muir
© copyright Sun May 15 23:33:20 UTC 2011 - All Rights Reserved

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Words of motivation

I welcome you all onto the moving train where thoughts always moves and making things to appear in reality while being crazy about them offers light to the ways of which burns in all. Enjoy,make yourself comfortable here while the words cures you.

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