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January 21, 2011

Love Ain't Here

Love Ain't Here

As I sit in my living room blazing music Always humming,I'm saying to every energy "Love ain't here and not going to be here" because I've been through a lot of fucking shit with it where letting in Lust OOOO YEAH HAHAHAHA to do everything it wants to do is much exciting and just what my imagination loves indeed and dem damn muthafuckas who always line tout speaks to me in the ways that have 'em stagnantly stink as shit to di bone (in silence,I neva scared of dem swoooo wooo woo) "You gotta keep it together because we need you to be the night in shining armor" and I look at them,never ignoring that ring vividly talking sweet things in the morning time,which is the only time they're doing it at,so,as gurgitating talks yammer on,a screaming,dark,thick,intensely passionate voice (ME) speaking in tones lasting long long after all shit goes loose infinitely beyond touching with this "Ahhhh yeah,everything is everything where all sectors of the galaxy who I vivaciously move with in zizzling long longues have been open neva to be closed,shut down ever again HAHAHAHAHA and fuck love becaue I'm lusting all the way indeed rocking funkaliciously and calling all to Bring it ya diggg!!!!! FFFFIIIIYYYYAAAA!!!!!!"

I do it baby baby baby where Brooklyn,Bronx,Manhattan,Queens,Staten Island all cry out cosmic sex notes well beyond their wildest dreams at booming motions so naughtiliciously burning dat they cummm a lot everywhere with all typa flavas to make all energies in the city go AWK AWK AWK AWK BABY BABY AHHHHHHH OH SHIT I'M CUMMMING I'M CUMMING MMMMMM ROAR ROAR ROAR ROAR ROAR HUMMMMM HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (All smiles and laughter as love ain't here never hitting that because of plenty of fear killing itself) 

Love is a one-way flow that's basically the shit Pooky Dooky smoked up on di weh to Church lol lol and about the rituals we put ourselves under towards accomplishing agendas,underlying agreements and more where it a neva equal to "me doing me" and pooooofffff dem always come up short frequentially...No worries at all. Meanwhile,lust is fucking doing all kinda slackness woi woi woi and I tear her ass up intensely saying Bitch,Slut,HOE towards having orgasms shaking her hair and loves to be handle rough with slappings and all tings I imagine happening.

more to flow as the vybz zing on hummm..........

(c) 2011 Tyrell "Philosophicl Ty" Muir

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