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July 26, 2010

Letting Go of 3D

I am flowing with inecular molecules zinging thru galaxies beyond humanity

Ivery inection is di key to flavaliciously be pure with it

Whatever's private shines in public with light that alwayz moves I inlimitedly

Love is much more to love whenever in dimensions that knows bout it and never say much because it's truth to 5D mode

Earth is breathing and ascending iveryting that loves change

InI are creators itinuing to make it do whatever it do spreading inspiration with whatever craft(s)

Iveryting is Iveryting with smiles all ova as it's to be alive and rocking with it

July 22, 2010


They say that music has passed on into other sectors with nowhere to be found,but I say music itinues di food fi di temple where it's alive and kicking azz iniversally with plenty of xcitement,happiness,love and more moving forward. Movements itinually are issential with ways that music touches ivery spot inlimitedly vybzing to di occasion offering points of motivation,inspiration,livication,uplifting sensations via vibrantional tings with iditation thru di chakra and more to di minds and hearts xpanding beyond Earth in aiding it to rise above downpressive,holographic tings. Music is much sensational and whatever else making it rock with di sounds,rhythms,beats and chords from each key vybing 'Mperor and Mpress to Iya Ites. Mouths clucking,swooing,moving with ding ding ding bing bong boom in di mix as music itinues rising.

Poetic Vybz

Flow with de heart where nothing itinues to grow into someting xpressing inlimited love flowing on,not with mind where babylonic decisions are made via downpressed forces who nah trust di inner self

Bon out all dem bad mind ting wherever InI a cleanse cleanse cleanse with nature's medicine internally

Love iveryting Iself is able to do all di weh because liking someting is an acronym of saying "I have questions before answers bout I"

Always trust in Iself to be whatever ya love in di valley and iveryting is all right

Individuality is an issential that rises with movement having iveryting flow inlimitedly spreading yah love

Fiya Blazing

Di Kundalini energy rising with ivery flow tone zing where di fiya is able to lick dis downpressive world and break away to an out-of-this-world xperience alwayz purifying iniversal vibrations moving into galaxies far beyond realities itinuing on in offering quinessential appetites lasting inecularly fantabulous.

July 7, 2010


The revolution will not be televised where hearts sway with knowledge of standing firm as of Lions and Lionesses in di Jungle and never succumbing to downpressive tings that are corruptive making havoc in di playground InI a have much xcitement likes circles going round and round,dictating societal ways di masses will not stand for and manipulatively placing so-called positive movement knowing dem already have InI screwed before used. It's an Ivolutionary movement happening iniversally rising to di occasion nothing into someting much powerful to be stopped by whoever feeling to fiddle with it because there are many shock points in doing so;developing into prosperous motions moving Inecularly thru sectors beyond normality where vybing with awakening zingfully rocks ivery bit,not being retrofied internally with spiritual forces clearing paths to guide di valley towards change that will itinue to truthfully be di issential to elevate in dimensions that are ready fi InI to enter above downpressive,propagandus,solely xternal ways of living via Orwellian tactics.

July 2, 2010


God is a black woman where she's di 1st human to walk Earth with her age at 3.1 million years old from Abyssinia (now Ithiopia),more so,than Adam & Eve who are 6,000-7,000 yrs old.She gives birth to life iniversally where it itinues moving forward and knows her place inlimitedly where actions speak louder than words.In construct=time,God is being interpreted as a man in whatever Religion (Re=back,Ligion=hold/bind in greek) stating tings that are manipulating di masses,alwayz seeking to light evil,corruptive tings to demonize people where embracement is begging to be and calling himself "THE ANOINTED ONE" knowing him go with looks being much deceiving (Be aware of de ting). To each dem own because I know God is a woman where she's iveryting-in-one needing not a ting to hinder her flow baby baby...MAMA MAMA MAMA!!!!

Words of motivation

I welcome you all onto the moving train where thoughts always moves and making things to appear in reality while being crazy about them offers light to the ways of which burns in all. Enjoy,make yourself comfortable here while the words cures you.

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