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December 2, 2010

Way Out Of the Matrix

Way out of the Matrix

The ways of which system is operated mechanically still ain't able to put it into forms of simplicity to cognoscentely alert themselves of what's happening with balance till decoding flows inlimitedly sending vibrational signals from humbling realms shaking it to di core. Matrix saying to me "No mas te quiero moucho porque no me gusta movimiento en la via" while,getting bon up in dem interfering adventures transforming to war against individuality,which zings zaws ziggas iniversally xciting blaze of elements teaching di masses in simple content detail. Di Matrix knows and is fully aware of what it's doing in gathering sleepwalkers to manuver the controls whenever it sings to dem making it happen with corruption clearing the way fi distraction that's pumping in deception causing deceit where fear of the people leads into control psychologically and they'll itinually eat cake while laughing at di mess being made as well and at foolish asses who fuck demselves infinitively to di point of loving and adoring ivery bit of that,adding good and bad vybz,which isn't my thing. They'll be bending fuck over fi those savages indeed and talk all of it in amazement as the game is in their hands lol lol lol blue pill takers love to dream and believe (gurgitating ugh ugh ugh);Individuals who are flowing balance humming chunes of xcitement always have knowledge where awareness booming bonging at ultra high frequency screaming loud moves that issential into infinity and beyond rocking always aboard the Mothership aiding them to avoid di box,therefore,kicking it as a being where di red pill is that....All level tings ya feel it!!!!

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