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December 16, 2010

Sexually Vybzing

Always Sexually vybzing with chunes to spicilicious stimulate all parts of di temple where freakalicious says "I love naughtilicious all the way to di point where I'm infinitive dimensions beyond the realm fucking all day and night." No games as R. Kelly's playlist flows on while I'm using sexual spells to perform balancing,hott rituals blazing iniversally as I make sex magic happen zingfuliciously while di spirits are saying "Make it do whatever it do and leave nothing behind in di process of iniversal lovemaking where iveryting is iveryting nogatively booming." AHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH AWK AWK AWK BOOM BONG BING!!!!

I make it happen with Goddesses who are alwayz opening tings to never be afraid of where long-lasting sex goes with vibrationally smelling,enlightfully tasting,tantalizingly amazing issential oils moving all ova in full body massage sessions that they never ever ever love to let go because for reasons getting it in ya digggg!!!! FIYA!!!!

Parties alwayz gets it blazing chunes to have crowds make iniversal noises of sexual tings going on,meaning that the xcitement is doing it funkalicious with zaw zaw yaw!!!

A Raunchy Blue Session where pajamas interacts with poetry rocking in NYC indeed...neva ever hold on it because it moves moves moves baby wooooo wiiiii!!!!!

(c) 2010 All Rights Reserved. Tyrell "Philosophical Ty" Muir

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