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November 17, 2010

Sex In The City-The Melanated Way

While all the good/bad peoples are still searching fi love,the strike of points alwayz gets the flow roused up where on any giving nite,sinful tings do happens for reasons calling spicilicious to rock tong tun all ova dis town as there's nothing stopping those who love to explore,zing,zaw zaw wooo adding cunniligus blazing tings ya diggg because once they're knocking on di Mothership Connection,there's no getting off wooooo woooooo woooooo!!!!! Knee deep being freak to infinity is what it is with tongues going in di ears indeed ahhh baby yabba dabba dabba doooo!!!! Brooklyn is plateau mania is blazing xcitement from di park to the parties,on thru di apartments and no-gatively zinging up houses in its path towards iniversal sex in the city baby ya digggg mmmm wooooo!!!!

(c) 2010 Philosophical Ty

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