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September 7, 2010

A Michael flow

Michael Jackson isn't solely di King Of Pop nor an Emperor who needs a throne,he's a Good itinually rocking,flowing,blazing as Archangel Michael zingfully,flavaliciously touching iverywhere that urges fi a vibrational awakening humming melodies of change and ascension as he says "I'm Bad" iniversally. "They Don't Care About Us" is truth to di individual whenever it comes to living and raising the dimensional level to where Gods speak whatever whenever ta bloodclat fucking rad dem to while flowing with passion inlimitedly zoooning in waking up di consciousness of sleepwalkers who need to be cognoscente of iveryting indeed as well as more tings beyond Earth,which she's making it do what it do. Di 3rd eye of Mike with xploration gives di clarify to where awareness zooms into action in having him know that a collective is extra low frequency (ELF) whereas he rocks Ultra Supernatural High Frequency with power alwayz zizzling wherever it vybz woooooooo.

"Heal The World" in making it a better place from her trails and downpressive situations shouldn't amaze anyone as Man itinually hold,bind and shake di Goddess at whatever point where after all of that,he's not able to handle what she possesses to rise rise kick ass all zi weh sending vibrations to signal that astro travel rocks indeed and not stopping (Mothership).

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Words of motivation

I welcome you all onto the moving train where thoughts always moves and making things to appear in reality while being crazy about them offers light to the ways of which burns in all. Enjoy,make yourself comfortable here while the words cures you.

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