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June 7, 2010



LOVE to Iself means expressing truthful,positive affection internally,being there for whatever happens between one another and showing pure contents inside out no matter what including overstanding ways to being patient all the way. Hiding LOVE is something that's intirely corruptive and needs to be seen in the light of the celestial Iniverse exposing visibility because it shouldn't be taken as a game for anything. Whenever I say,feel and sense LOVE,it's no politrical vibe at all,it's de rocking and should be zingfully pure every step of the way with sensational motions because having the heart and mind displaying and expressing LOVE knows that it's more than a 4-letter word with Iniversal flows rising with Natural Law inlimitedly;it's iveryting that should be expressed even if a person doesn't say it but knows it's there in the heart knowing supernatural forces takes it higher than high. If you love someone then,it should be there iveryday rather than flashing Vanity to display dat vybe whenever Valentine's Day flows through de masses Iniversally because affection with such motives itinues to get dumped by de wasteside without impact,so,alwayz be pure with de heart issentially and iccentrically to de toppa top top flava flava zing vibrantly expressing actions speak louder than words with humility and apreciloving vybez baby baby. Should oneself feels de yearning bubble fi love at whatever point whenever de physical isn't clicking instantly,always trust in de Iniverse to seek de internal aspects guiding with knowing technology that keeps it standing and spiritually to spread de issence of what love truthfully is.

Showcasing de livication of love doesn't require dumbed down tings to be pon a board to say it and there's no price that comes with it,so,de fiya alwayz itinue burning internally with xternal longevity. Truth Vibrations is Love whenever de I feels that nothing itinuing to rise,rock,build into someting zingfulicious with no words to xpress.

BY: Tyrell "Philosophical Ty" Muir

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