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June 26, 2010

Dear Healthcare

Dear Healthcare,

I'm writing this letter to you in response to the latest Healthcare Bill that's full of something something something and not able to help the people of this country we've come to be enslaved in for so many years. You see,Healthcare has,is and will alwayz be on de forefront of itinual bashing,constant demonization and issues of propagandus tales,so,no tricking here. I rather live off de Earth and apprecilove ivery issential it offers inlimitedly with sensational health rising pon dat than to be depended on Eugenicists who are there to do so-called nothing and feel that corruption is one of many ways in their path to to itinue dumbing down society iniversally because I love to flow,rise,dance,speak,love and more naturally with internal strength with fiya bonning inlimitedly and eyes that view bodies in knowing technological capabilities that lasts flowing with sensimilla inna garden wooooo as InI a free all who love to live. Abortion is high globally and InI nuh ramp with dat because life is flavaliciously precious to be involved in a systematic breakdown of all Queens who love to be left alone and itinue giving birth to life with Mother Earth there to help dem ivery step of de way with nuturing skills xceeding all tings Babylon will ever offer and healthcare ain't one of those drawings helping with that. Cancer is manmade and increasing hour-by-hour,day-by-day having no fear to intentionally put in population control and I say don't be live bait to doctors who do testing like de lotto and not caring bout InI. Iself (Inner Self)must be able to do as much to accomplish with de world by standing up and doing nothing with healthy issentials blossoming because whatever you know will make everyone in de iniverse stronger internally while whatever you feel to be ignorant towards will itinue to hurt,which is where it is in fascist,deceptive results and having faith fi dem blood suckering people who care bout money,more so,than people.Ta rad wit all batty dem who do dat mess knowing de consequences of iveryting that's trutufully happening will bite dem in de ass.Cell phones are cool,but a hazard to iveryone's health whenever ya view de illnesses being spread manually through de airwaves while in its path demonizing minds to its distasteful state and shooting anyone who breaks its control,which de movement never bows to no one who hides behind walls and InI nuh need dat,so,move away cell phones because InI will rise and take y'all to places where ya wish of never going/being with 1-on-1 tough love complements of de people,not groups.

Hemp is one of de most wonderful plants globally with almost all US historical issential products are made of hemp and not solely fi smoking and in dis country when de flow of hemp rocks with it,de usage of hemp,marijuana,cannibus (all in de same family) is legal with de masses,illegal to de money-hungry establishment as it's able to itinue building solid foundation,have healthier lives with healthier foods,increased agricultural growth with benefitial farm profit,flexibility to make whatever goods domestically from de plant and nuh have to be afraid of doing tings that gets people arrested,etc. With that said,I love to have hemp rocking illegally all de way and flow with de masses,not as a politrical weapon to inslave and dumb down people into mainstream zing fi it knowing it's nature with issentials rising to de occasion.

Philosophical Ty

P.S: Apprecilove iveryting in life and care fi di temple.

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