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May 27, 2010



Fyah blazing within us all and we are de movement,get up and move

You're worth every bit of who you are inside out,dont's get purchased because vanity ain't your ting

Gentrification never ever hit the indigineous aspects flowing's all manmade and know your history

Neo-Colonial Ghetto InI a live in whenever the flow seems so nice externally knowing it internally stinks

Flow with de heart and be all right doing whatever,flow with de mind and indecisions would be made

Spirits flowing and talking at every sector where ignorance doesn't play

Organizations are of Kennel Clubs where Dogs hang,chilax with ignorance and misery loving company...Wake up

De truth itinues to heal,built,rock,rise,flow while propaganda does slow kill to its own people

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Words of motivation

I welcome you all onto the moving train where thoughts always moves and making things to appear in reality while being crazy about them offers light to the ways of which burns in all. Enjoy,make yourself comfortable here while the words cures you.

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