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May 27, 2010



  • Her Pretty,Hot,Tender,Juicy body shows a testament of what a man attracts to with care

  • Her eyes are those of jewels that are sparkling and has a man looking right at them all the time

  • Her sweet,tender,juicy breasts are soo tasty when sucked,touched & licked on with good feelings by a man

  • Her sweet,juicy,tender licking pussy tastes soo good that it'll have a man moving forward for more

  • She has freakalistic motions that gets the rounds of lovemaking into session,which a man appreciloves

  • The sex is much vibrant with her all the time; with multiple positions to execute for plenty of excitement all the time

  • Her toes are worth sucking on and have a curling up sensation when being pleased and satisfied

  • Her sweet,tender,juicy lips are full of good flava whenever a man kisses them with sexual healing

  • Her tender,juicy legs feel soo damn good all the time with sensational touches

  • She loves full body massages with every spot on the body being most extensively aroused

  • Her hair flows like water running so smooth with any hairstyle she rocks

  • She is a Goddess in every way displaying pure zingfulicious uplifting beauty flowing no-gatively thru dimensions light years beyond her physical realm where the God takes care of her

  • Her thickness in all the right places gives a whip appeal to make it do what it do at whatever time

  • Her ears quiver & gets so aroused with a sweet whisper touching the soft spots

  • The curves on her body makes everything feel sensationally wonderful

  • They don't say she's fat, they say she's Voluptuous,healthy & full of love

  • No wonder why the new trend is P.H.A.T with sweet and sexy flava to fill a room right

  • She knows how to conduct herself in every manner all around whenever she speaks to a crowd so well

  • Her heart expresses tales to the woman she is internally while de mind flows with dat inlimitedly

  • The Goddess in her knows she continues to aid her temple spiritually and more inside out with the Iniverse guiding the vibrant flows to Iya ites having the cosmic speak of her every note being played

  • Showcasing fearless flows and resiliency are essential attributes I truly feel and sense from her all the way

  • Supernatural ways to move zingfully in the Valley are always felt from her with every step she takes,every move she makes.

  • (c) 2008 Tyrell "Philosophical Ty" Muir


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