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May 27, 2010

Intitled with Livication

Intitled with Livication

The weather feels much smooth and positive for writing tantalizing pieces with performances setting unexpected adventures to lighting fyahs for love,warmth,spontaneous action and more in the process.De Iniverse Itinues to listen to whatever InI are saying and InI shouldn't be afraid to embrace its spiritual flava filled with essentials to Itinue the smiles all the time.InI shall never lose our ways in de paths we choose to flow with for InI are Disciples itinuing the ways of inspiring,motivating and uplifting the masses iniversally in de Valley.Zoon zing zing yaw yaw to the toppa top top top with sensationally vybing essentials rising to the occasion over downpression and taking charge of the zingful movements flowing with non-stop impact.Ciphas in motion with inlimited ways to hit you using non-physical stanzas first before actual physicality rocks and makes de inner self shiver to de core. Flowing with the uprising sensations of smooth loving that de Iniverse knows best will make iveryting feel and sound wonderful all de way.

De yutes shall know that they'll be all right rocking along de track of transformation to having actions speak louder than words whenever dem choose to with guidance from the Most Highs (Ancestors) and Mother Earth.InI hear dem cries fi love,positive,rising vibes and more itinuing to flow with inspirational,motivational,uplifting rise spreading Iniversal love all over society zingfuliciously;bringing all walks of life together in livication of exciting times. Man-Made methodologies doing whatever it takes to sway people Iniversally using illusional tactics with Haikus that are someting of fabled tales,eventually transforming them into fantasies licking shots pon de masses and Babylon certainly show dem bumboclat faces with manacing laughs to what dem say "Enslaved People are ours to conquer". But,don't worry bout a ting because iveryting will be all right in de Valley where rising and doing nothing blossoming into someting Itinues to be the vibrant issential bonning out corruptive methodologies flowing with it ziggi ziggi zaw zaw yaw.

Mama Africa and Mother Earth are definitely proud of sensimilla flowing all over with essential methods in cleansing the hearts of all Iniversally moving forward towards revolting Babylon besides physical. No more excuses where putting short circuits making robot sounds flow within oneself feeling much satisfied with it because life is much precious,sweet and flavalicious where JAH Itinues to rise above Babylonic Science on whatever field of play showing that synthetics never works on de Land,so,unlimited essentials "y'all Itinue rocking on rocking on where there's no price for that."

De truth itinues to build,heal,rise and flow inside out while Propaganda itinually kills using shows to demonize minds and hearts to something amounting to nothing...wake up people,wake up because de calls are here where there's not a ting to hide and no books will save ya from dat knowing they'll always itinue to demonize rising flows nor never apprecilove de masses who support movements with passion.InI a bon fiya fiya blazing fiya pon all bad minded corruption plauging de world and show dem dat nothing is de way to rock knowing vanity is there,but who cares about that because oneself in all aspects seek internal lighting and itinuing to blaze blaze fiya!!!! Irie xternally with less words to flow is de vybe that de valley loves to feel.

By: Tyrell "Philosophical Ty" Muir

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