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May 27, 2010



Damn,why do you hit so hard? Not physically nor mentally, but emotionally where it hits the nerve even more when the truth is told and leaves a person searching for answers and doing their best to cover the wounds. You know I love you and yet,you show it but not all the time;it's all good and gravy with it because I will be ok. Sometimes we really don't know what we're capable of accomplishing until we make moves and when we make it,the emotions kick in like wildfire because having an ability to do extraodinary things above the rest could hit the heart big time. In relationships, the Emotions are there all the time and the significant other seems to feel it when he/she is ready,but don't like to look at it in different directions of the scope,which is a disconnection at times that causes a lot of friction,conflict as well as disagreements and break-ups. In my prospective view of Emotions,it shows me that no matter what we are people at the end of the day and shouldn't hold back how we feel inside out because whenever your pandoras box gets opened by another person "What will you do next?" and that's why taking control of self is the best way to finding solutions.

Having arguments with parents when things are good for you but not for them at times brings out a lot of emotional feeling because you love them so much and keep on asking yourself "What must I do to satisfy my parents?" but don't worry about that because you have done a lot to make them happy. Emotions is being a person whose doing his/her best to have fun knowing that the negative critics are out there to tell you what's right and what's wrong about fun period & not caring about the words of negativity makes it all good to enjoy life on your own terms. Emotions is playing music with a message and meaning to someone or something you feel as well as having fans who could relate to the notes and keys that are soo damn good. Emotions will tell you that your shoulder is my shoulder & my shoulder is your shoulder whenever we all need some love,support & comfort.


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